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Compact cookie depositor machine

Compact cookie depositor machine

The compact cookie depositor machine is suited for producing different confections and includes the following three components:

  • Cone maker (stiff maker) for making confections with stiff or moderately stiff dough (e.g. coconut, paradise, walnut, rice, puffed, and raisin confections)
  • Roulette maker (limp maker) for making confections using soft, lightweight dough (e.g. sponge cake, muffins, cupcake, roulette,  etc.)
  • Wire-cut for making different types of dry confections 
  • Two-year guarantee


Features of the confection depositor machine

  1. The lockable swivel wheels simplify moving the machine
  2. The 7-inch display enhances machine operation and configuration
  3. Single-phase 240 V electricity feed and 1200 W power usage are equivalent to the power usage of a hair dryer
  4. Long-term customer satisfaction by emphasizing durable design and manufacture
  5. Simple operation due to the easy replacement of nozzles and rollers
  6. Non-magnetic steel plates with 2 mm thickness contribute to the high quality and stylish looks of the machine
  7. The option to store 100 production programs in 16 international languages according to customer demand
  8. The strong chassis guarantees long-term durability and sturdiness
  9. Small dimensions as well as a collapsible conveyor belt make it suitable for even the smallest production space
  10. Simple cleaning and washing of the machine and the parts engaged with dough
  11. High value for money considering the particular electromechanical design
  12. The plastic parts are compliant with food standards and provide high mechanical capabilities
  13. Customizable machine, parts, and nozzles on client demand
  14. Providing complete, precise control over the length, weight, thickness, and shape of products.





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