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Egg Yolk White Separator

egg separator
  1. Usability by a simple worker
  2. Ability of separating defective egg yolks
  3. standard badge and satisfactory support,12 monthes warranty
  4. Small and compact dimensions and fit the confectionery space
  5. Ability to assemble, disassemble and wash parts in the shortest time
  6. Unique design and use of the most up-to-date technologies in manufacturing
  7. Increase the speed, make the yolk-white separation process easier and healthier
  8. Ability to adjust the angles of the channels according to the ambient temperature and the Egg genus
  9. All components of the device are made of 304L stainless steel approved by the food industry standard
  10. Sweets with higher quality and nutritional value, brighter and more beautiful appearance, better texture and more puff with fresh eggs







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